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WPA launched 2019 – a modern design collective inspired by the historical Work Projects Administration created during the New Deal.  WPA aims to bring together artists, designers and fabricators across the country not only to create a unified marketing force for localized talents to the national design trade, but also to truly collaborate in designing products that broaden each designer’s artistic skills and mediums in a combined yet cohesive manner.  Primarily focusing on smaller accessory items utilizing precious materials, the intent is to create a line of unique, high-end, made to order pieces that will strive to compliment the luxury furnishings they will be displayed amongst. 

The continually evolving line will initially consist of Trays, Boxes, Hurricane & Votive Candles, Candelabras, Drink Tables, Mirrors, Floating Shelves, Vases & Bowls, Planters, and will also include a range of Cabinet Hardware & Hooks, all produced with opulent materials. 



The Denver Design Center

601 South Broadway

Suite W

Denver, Colorado 80209

phone: 303.437.0054

email: info@MOD.DESIGN



T- 347.889.5354

Thank You!

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